What Does Viagra Do

What Does Viagra Do

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (often abbreviated to ED) is a problem that many men suffer with. A person with this medical condition is likely to struggle getting and keeping an erection, depending on the severity of their issue. ED can affect men in different ways – and this is often because most people have varying degrees to contend with. More on what does Viagra do here.

For example, some males may only struggle to get an erection every so often, whereas others may not be able to achieve one at all. In general, men over the age of 40 tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction, as it’s a condition that can often develop with the age.

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How Viagra can help

For men who experience dysfunction of any severity, there is a solution that has helped a whole host of sufferers worldwide; Viagra. Although these pills were not made to permanently cure ED, they can often help a man to get and keep an erection for long enough to have sex.

How does the treatment work?

Although the results may vary from person to person, this medicine is often able to help men to achieve sustainable erections. Usually, a person will be able to take the substance 4 hours before they engage in any sexual activities, but it normally comes into effect around 30 minutes to an hour after the person has taken it.

This substance will typically increase a male’s blood flow to his penis and in most cases, this means that the man who takes it will be able to get – and in most instances, keep – an erection that is good enough to have sex.

For the substance to work properly a man must be sexually stimulated, otherwise it’s likely that it will have no effect. In most instances, any time during the 4 hours that the substance lasts should be prime for erection. Then, after the person has had sex, the erection should go away.

Since this treatment is not typically able to cure erectile dysfunction permanently, a sufferer will typically have to repeat use for as long as they want to engage in sexual activities. It has been reported however, that many of those who take the medication on a regular basis find that it can actually improve their ability to achieve and maintain an erection over time.

Health and safety

This substance may be incredibly useful for men with ED, but before taking any of these pills, anyone hoping to take them should first talk to their doctor to ensure that their use is compatible with any other medications and will be safe to consume in general.